Kimberly Burns, OTR/L, CLT – Perspectives – REAL Health


Rehab Your Asanas

By Kimberly Burns, OTR/L, CLT

When first practicing breathing, one should learn how to align the spine properly to maximize the free flow of energy and the proper muscle activation for breath control. Our spine has 3 natural curves: cervical, thoracic, and lumbar. We lose these curves over time with prolonged standing, sitting, and poor sleeping postures. Your breathing patterns can also become disrupted. A lot of us tend to be chest-only breathers, which limits the ability to fill the lungs. When you address spinal alignment and base all of your physical movements on the correct posture, you place your body in the best position to strengthen the stabilizers, protect the spine, and to breathe correctly. The inability to properly control spinal movement and breath can contribute to injury, re-injury or delayed recovery. Our postural muscles, transverse abdominals, and respiratory muscles are slow twitch muscles that are used for endurance. In contrast, fast twitch muscles are used for short bursts of movement. Slow twitch muscles are typically closest to the spine, and are deep and internal. They form our architectural support structure and are controlled at an unconscious level. Typically postural muscles are only supposed to engage at approximately 15-30% effort. When they are fatigued from injury/pain/nerve damage, fast twitch muscles could take over causing spasms and compression.

Yoga is a great way to activate our slow twitch fibers when it’s performed correctly! Read More

Gail Coleman – Perspectives – REAL Skin Care


Thermage – The Non-Surgical Facelift

By Gail Coleman

Estetika Skin & Laser Specialists is proud to be the leading provider for the Thermage non-surgical facelift and body lift in the Sarasota area! We are a 4x Thermage Black Diamond Award Winner for the exceptional results we have delivered to our Estetika patients. Thermage is a safe, painless, and cost effective FDA-approved non-invasive radiofrequency skin­tightening treatment that allows patients to see immediate results that get even better over time!

How does it work?
Radiofrequency energy is delivered to all three layers of the skin to create controlled damage to the collagen fiber network to accelerate the body’s natural collagen building process. As we age, our skin loses elasticity and firmness due to sun exposure, smoke, exhaust, and many other environmental factors. As the elasticity becomes slack, our skin begins to sag and wrinkle. Thermage targets the collagen-producing layers in the skin to strengthen and restore the damage, creating tighter, smoother skin. The body’s natural collagen building cycle takes several months to reach its peak production, so your best results will be seen after 6 months and continue for up to 2 years or longer! Read More

Craig Steinhoff – Perspectives – REAL Financial Planning

Craig Steinhoff HBK CPAs & Consultants

Plan Your Legacy

By Craig M. Steinhoff

For most, estate planning is more about how assets are transferred to heirs than assessing taxes.

Maybe Tony Soprano was living dangerously, but no one expected James Gandolfini to die at age 51, including Gandolfini. The popular actor who played the lead role on the long-running cable TV series “The Sopranos” left behind an estate valued at more than $70 million. But his will was so poorly planned that nearly half of it is likely to go to the IRS.

When the flame went out for Prince, the international pop star was 57 and clearly not past his prime, recording and touring and still acclaimed for his energy and intensity on stage. Ironically, he was an artist meticulous about the business of his music yet he left no will, and it will likely take a decade or longer to sort out the distribution of his enormous wealth.

Only a few of us have to be concerned about how to plan for reducing estate taxes. For 2016, the estate and gift tax exemption is $5.45 million per individual, up from $5.43 million in 2015. That means an individual can leave $5.45 million to heirs and pay no federal estate or gift tax. A married couple can shield $10.9 million from federal estate and gift taxes. More than half of U.S. states do not have an estate tax. So for most of us, the issue is how we want our assets distributed, how they will be managed and making certain we leave a meaningful legacy for our family. Read More

Sheila Venancia – Perspectives – REAL Beauty


Are You Sleeping With The Enemy

When You Go To Bed With Makeup On?

By Sheila Venancia

Admit it, if you wear makeup, at one point or another you’ve probably gone to sleep without removing it. Whether you forgot you were wearing makeup when it comes time to go to bed or you were just too tired to bother taking it off….. we’ve all been there. The important thing is to make sure it doesn’t become a habit. Makeup is supposed to help you look and feel more beautiful, but leaving it on overnight often has the opposite effect.

Our skin is covered in pores, and those pores not only allow us to sweat, but they also allow us to secrete sebum, a waxy lubricant that helps moisturize and protect our skin. Sebum also helps remove dead skin cells and other irritants from pores in the process. The problem with makeup is that it clogs pores and prevents sebum from doing its job. Instead, sebum builds up, which can cause acne.

If you want to avoid waking up to pimples, you need to remove your makeup each night before bed. You can use a makeup remover, facial cleanser, cold cream or toner to cleanse your skin and make sure it’s free of makeup. And don’t forget to remove your eye makeup as well.

So, just how bad is it to go to sleep with your makeup on? Read More

Becca Z Towery – Perspectives – REAL Style


Florida’s Fall Fashion Forecast

How to Dress for Fall in Warm Climates

By Becca Z. Towery

The Fall Fashion challenge has come once again for Florida fashionista’s. Dressing for fall in Florida can sometimes prove challenging with our hottest temperatures and highest humidity levels being in September and October. No need to sweat, Just because temps are warm, it doesn’t mean we need to miss out on the fun fall trends altogether.

For my readers, who live in Florida, where it will be a long time before the thermometer will dip, I wanted to share some tips and trends you can embrace this fall even though it is still hot. With a little creativity, you can embrace the best of fall without breaking a sweat (literally). It’s all about adapting the trends. Too hot to wear a leather jacket? Try a pair of leather shorts or a skirt instead. Flannel shirts got you “glistening”? Try tying one around your waist or finding a similar pattern in some material other than flannel. Read More

Patricia Tan – Perspectives – International REAL Estate


What Does BREXIT Mean To Our Real Estate Market?

By Patricia Tan

I was born and raised in England and watched with interest as the United Kingdom decided its future – whether to remain in the European Union or leave and become autonomous again. While it was a very close vote, the majority of the British people did vote to exit the E.U. The exact details of BREXIT will be negotiated over the next two years, and its full impact will not be known for some time.

Many readers know that I make several trips each year to the United Kingdom, where I exhibit at international property shows and speak at seminars about buying real estate in Florida. As a result of these marketing efforts, I have helped many British citizens buy and sell homes here. In the weeks since the BREXIT vote I have had an opportunity to talk with many of our British customers and gauge their reaction as to how exiting the E.U. may impact their investment in Florida real estate.

Many British citizens purchase homes in Florida to enjoy during their vacations or retirement years. These buyers are still very active in the market. Some told me when they re-examined their plans in light of BREXIT, they asked themselves the question: “If not now, when?”. They still have a desire, or some would say a need, to enjoy a home in the sun, and many have decided to proceed with their plans to buy a home here in Florida. Read More

William Henry PhD – Perspectives – Architect’s REAL Viewpoint


ADA Testers And A Congressional Response

By William Henry, PhD

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has spawned a cottage industry of testers and their lawyers who travel from site to site looking for nonconformities. The ADA is a Federal civil rights act, creating the right to bring discrimination suits with regard to persons encountering real or perceived barriers preventing them from fully using facilities. When issues are found they file suit. As with any activity of this type, some of the suits are legitimate and some are not.

Florida and California are the two hottest spots in the Country for such suits.

One issue that exists in an ADA suit is the standing of the plaintiff to bring the case. Standing turns on whether one can show that he or she was harmed. Test ADA cases often bump up against the question of just how real is the discriminatory impact on the rights of the plaintiff. Read More

Cover – Eric Shepherd – Dimmitt Automotive Group


Eric Shepherd

Executive General Manager

Dimmitt Automotive GroupThe Sarasota Studio

By Ed Bertha

Cover Photography by Giovanni Lunardi

Layout by Christian Lunardi

“Roadsides are full of car dealership after dealership. The Sarasota Studio is a fresh exciting twist in the face of convention,” Liz Manes.


One could argue that the Dimmitt family has been in Pinellas County for as long as the county itself; beginning with the arrival of Larry Dimmitt, Sr. to Clearwater in 1924. Having previously lived in Savanna, and with a love for the auto industry in his heart, Larry quickly purchased a Clearwater Ford/Lincoln franchise and never looked back.

Larry then began to make substantial investments in Pinellas County land. With land at his disposal he continued to add to his automobile businesses. By the mid 1930’s he had also added LaSalle, Cadillac and Chevrolet to this impressive list. Larry, a visionary in those times, accomplished all this while the city of Clearwater was still only two blocks long and two blocks wide. Read More

Cover – Granada Park – West Of Trail, Sarasota


Granada Park

West Of Trail, Sarasota

Sarasota’s Best Kept Secret, Not For Long

By Ed Bertha

Layout by Christian Lunardi

Located on four plus acres near the corner of Bay Street and Osprey Avenue is Granada Park. Conveniently tucked between downtown Sarasota and Siesta Key’s white sand, Granada Park is a private gated community of 25 home sites with mature trees and a focal point lake with a mesmerizing fountain. Originally started in late 2007, only nine homes were built leaving 16 lots to be filled.

Then MGB Homes (also known as My Green Buildings), a luxury home builder, co-owned by Stephen Ellis and Grant Castilow stepped in. “We don’t typically build in communities,” says Ellis. “But as exclusive builders here, we can control the quality, so we felt it was a good fit for us.”

Originally, Granada Park was planned as a multi-use development with homes, a clubhouse, as well as, three-story condo and apartment buildings. Over the past two plus years, MGB, has redone the landscaping, constructed a pool and cabana, built two new homes, and fashioned a model home (which recently went under contract). Read More

Letter From The Publisher Ed Bertha – Creativity Rules!


Creativity Rules!

By Ed Bertha

“In creating, the only hard thing’s to begin; A grass-blade’s no easier to make than an oak.”
James Russell Lowell

Get your attention? Welcome to our fresh, new, design concept here at REAL Exclusive. Besides the dual covers, starting with this issue and running through the holidays, we will explore “Host Beautifully” with Stella Artois. Each subsequent issue, and series of alphabet letters, becoming a part of the Stella Artois Challis Collector’s Edition Series. Take in our new Masters Series where we explore individual journeys through the lines of one’s face and the look in the eyes. It’s another day so let’s start fresh.

Ed Bertha
September, 2016 Read More

REAL Video – Granada Park

REAL Exclusive Magazine Presents Granada Park

Builder – MGB Fine Custom Homes

Video by Denis Lauzon, Lauzon Procuctions

For more information visit the Granada Park website

Copyright © 2016 REAL Exclusive Magazine
Links to this article are encouraged

REAL Cares – Picnic In The Park At Granada Park


Picnic In The Park At Granada Park

Featuring The Conversation Foundation

MGB Fine Custom Homes

Click HERE to download the event PDF.
Click HERE to download the video.
Slide show below. Read More

REAL Cares – Nautical Renderings


Nautical Renderings

Featuring Love & Light For World Peace

CHARITY & WEISS International Realty
Gabriele Charity
Rudi Weiss

Special Guests:
Artist R.o. Schabbach
Architect William Tagland

Click HERE to download the event PDF. Slide show below. Read More

REAL Cares – Pool Moon Party


Pool Moon Party

Featuring Victor Lundy’s South Gate Community Center

Tim Mitten, Full Moon Properties/Promotions

Special Guest:
Local Artist, Joseph Patrick Arnegger

Click HERE to download the event PDF. Slide show below. Read More

REAL Cares – A Taste Of Casey Key History


A Taste Of Casey Key History

Featuring All Faiths Food Bank

Deborah Beacham, Michael Saunders & Company

Special Guests:
Michael Saunders
Harold Bubil

Click HERE to download the event PDF. Slide show below. Read More

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